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Eight Weeks of Bells

Eight weeks in and recovery is remarkably slow – but I was told to expect this. I reckon I have another couple of months at least until I’m recovered enough that it doesn’t annoy me.  But my eye no longer … Continue reading

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Two Weeks In

Two weeks of Bell’s Palsy has been a curious thing. I can almost forget I have it until I need to speak, or eat, or drink – there’s been a few spills. Fortunately writing is a relatively solitary activity, so … Continue reading

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Bell’s Palsy – What I Got up to on My Holidays

So, what did you all do on your holidays? Me, I’ve gone and gotten Bell’s Palsy, which is a very difficult word to say when you have Bell’s Palsy (those hard B and P sounds are too hard for my … Continue reading

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Seven Writerly Sorts of Questions for Ian Irvine

  I first met Ian Irvine at Supanova a couple of years back, he was an absolute delight, a great author to hang around with, and very funny as well. But I was familiar with his work long before that … Continue reading

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Career Advice for Young Writers

I’m still putting up my old posts, but this one is a favourite, and since I’ve had a few questions on this topic lately, it never hurts to post it again. Career Advice for Young Writers Here’s my career advice. … Continue reading

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Night’s Engines – It took a While to get Here

It’s a week until Night’s Engines’ launch, in fact, this time next week I expect to be ruddy cheeked and jolly. But this book was something that for a long time I never expected to see the light of day. … Continue reading

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Yes, this has been a long time coming, and it may be a while yet before it becomes a lived in page, with all the creaky lived in things, and a while yet before the new paint smell fades. So … Continue reading

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