It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

I’m writing up a storm at the moment, and with at least one deadline for early December I’m going to be even quieter around here.

That said, I did have time for this. Apologies to all those that I’ve dragged into the terror that is a Book Corner Christmas (can you believe that this is the third one of these Christmas Specials). I always figure that if you feel a little sorry for (or superior to) me after watching one of these I’ve succeeded.

Happy Holidays (in a little while).






Whatever happened

to that last week? I know what happened. I’m in that difficult third of Night’s Engines, basically (if you’re familiar with my ridiculous rather non-linnear writing style) where I’ve written the final third, and the first third and middle is something of a chasm, down which I have to put my poor characters through a lot of nastiness. They’re always the hardest things to write. You hit this stage with every book, mope around miserably, complain that you don’t have enough time to write, and that it’s never going to get done, and you hold on, and you just keep going, a word at a time, and eventually it gets done.

But until it does, you become a wee bit of a grump. So there!

At least I’ve got a workshop to run next week, which will keep me pleasantly distracted, and then May 6/7 I’ll be down at the Gold Coast Writers festival – hopefully by then this stage of the book will be a memory, and I’ll be putting it aside for a while, getting some people to read it, and generally preparing myself for editing and submission.

I think it’s a great book (and I can’t believe it’s my fifth novel) but right now, it’s still a fair way off being anything but a slog.

I have been getting some lovely emails about book corner 10, and PIEO*. Glad people have been enjoying them, though you really SHOULDN’T encourage me. The whole videocast thing has been so much fun, don’t know if I’m ever going to be capable of doing a serious one, but me being an idiot, well, I’ve plenty of that.


*including a videocast that was just the cutest thing! Diana and I laughed our heads off.