Had a ball at my book party yesterday, launched the book, made a Trent lookalike read (thanks Jess) and talked Spec Fic and books with some wonderful people. Thanks to everyone that could make it on a school night – and the first night of Dark Knight Rises, no less – and thanks for all the well wishes. Sweater vests, beards, and hats were in abundance, and someone had even made a Pieo/Okkervil River t-shirt.

It was great to see Rowena (who was there at the start) and Kylie Chan who launched Roil so wonderfully.

Book launches are at once incredibly stressful, and lovely, but this one was the most relaxed I’ve had (maybe I’m getting better at them, or drinking more). Thanks to Krissy Kneen for MCing, and bringing order to the whole affair. Krissy is an amazing person, I’ve written of my admiration for her writing and her energy before, but I want to say that I am so proud to have her not just as a colleague but a dear friend.

And to work in such a special place as Avid is an utter privilege. Indie bookstores are the backbone of literature in this country, vibrant, fun, and inclusive. I’m so proud to be a part of that. Fiona Stager and those that work around her in the shop and the cafe have made something amazing.

So a good night was had by all – I hope – and that Aortic Red was surprisingly drinkable thanks to Alex Adsett and Paul Landymore for sharing it with me, two of the best friends a fellow could have.

Finally, thanks to Diana without whom none of this could happen. I love her far beyond my meagre talent with words.

Far too many Trents in the house.