The Nightbound Land Duology

Being a duology of which Roil is book One,

You can buy it from Angry Robot over here  Amazon here.

Night’s Engines book Two.


Learn to fear Hideous Garment Flutes, Quarg Hounds, and Old Men. If you like your Steampunk with a strong element of fantasy, these books might just be for you.

It’s available from Angry Robot as an e-book here, and at Amazon here. And all the usual places.

Praise for Roil

“A compulsive, action packed steampunk adventure that will keep you up all night.” Rowena Cory Daniells author of The King Rolen’s Kin Trilogy

“On the strength of his setting and characters alone, I believe Jamieson has begun something that has the potential to be a standard bearer for Angry Robot and the steampunk subgenre.” Staffer’s Musings

Praise for Night’s Engines

“Night’s Engines is the ending Roil deserves.”  I Will Read Books

“Jamieson has gone beyond a simple morality quest about good versus evil, finding courage and repelling the barbarians at the gate. Instead the author has produced something richer and much more thoughtful. This is the kind of book that will repay multiple re-readings.” Warpcore SF

“The pace is fast, the action thrilling, and the dialogue real.  I blew through this one, it moves so quickly.  It’s a fresh and original piece of work, one I recommend highly.” Future’s Past and Present

“Night’s Engines was a fitting end to this duology. I couldn’t have asked for more. It very easily placed itself amongst my favorite books ever. It’s that damn good. And I’m sad that it’s over. This is definitely going to be the case of a series to re-read.” J.M. Blackman




10 thoughts on “The Nightbound Land Duology”

  1. Loved both books – dark steampunk filled with glorious language. Can’t wait to read more about the Nightbound lands!

  2. Im just finishing the Roil and really dig it. I was wondering if there is
    any companion material describing some of the creatures in more
    depth, especially the Aerokin?

  3. Hi Thomas, sorry about the extremely late reply! I’m glad you enjoyed Roil, there’s a bit more detail on the Aerokin in the second book. I deliberately left them a bit vague, I always imagined them as a bio-mechanical type creature, grown then modified mechanically. Any questions you have though, feel free to direct them here, and I’ll try to supply details. At some stage I want to write a Kara Jade story so I’ll let you know when/if that happens – there’ll be less handwaving in that tale, I promise!


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