Trent Jamieson is the author of the Death Works Series.

He has also published a Steampunk secondary world fantasy duology for Angry Robot Books. The books, Roil and  Night’s Engines both are now available.

His latest book Day Boy was published by Text Publishing in July 2015.

When not writing, he works at The Avid Reader Bookshop in West End- the best indie bookshop in the world (he’s not biased or anything).

His agent is Jo Butler at Cameron’s Management .

Trent can be contacted at teacupthrenody at hotmail dot com


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  1. Hi Mary,

    The Death Works books are distributed by Alliance Distribution Services (well, they are in Australia). My publisher is part of Hachette. Hope that helps.

  2. I just noticed you look like Edward Norton and Johhny Depp’s Love child, just saw the pictures on TmZ and you are a dead ringer.
    Did you get the TEMPORAL RADIATION from hanging with Nikola Tesla and Einstein? He was born in Tasmania you know, saw it in that doco, Young Einstein

  3. Hmm, that’s curious. I’ll check it out. It seems to suggest that I’m sending out spammy emails, which I certainly don’t.

  4. Hey… Just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your time that you spent talking to us today at the Loganholme. I’m also a Science Fiction writer and I’ve only been writing for just around 3 months now, but I have spent my entire life dreaming and imagining stories over and over again in my head (to the point of insanity.)

    At the moment I’m around the 50,000 word mark and counting. Every second of the day I’m thinking new elements to my story, writing has become my passion as I’m sure that it has already become yours. Unfortunately I had to work right after and didn’t have time to talk with you. I was hoping that you would be able to give me a few names of some great authors (Other then yourself) and books that would be great to read and to learn from.

    P.S. I was the tall looking young guy at the back row.

  5. Hey Jeremy,

    glad you could come. And where to begin! Starting with Australian Authors there’s Sean Williams and Marianne de Pierres (if you’re interest is Science Fiction, they’re two of the finest). For fantasy there’s Rowena Cory Daniels, Kylie Chan, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Margo Lanagan, Kirsten Bishop, Kaaron Warren (most of these authors I have links to down the side of the webpage, and are friends so I am biased).

    Internationally, Alastair Reynolds, Iain Banks, Daniel Abraham, Cat Valente,Jeff Vandermeer, Kelly Link, Gail Carringer, Mj Harrison, Ursula Le Guin (who also has an excellent book on writing called Steering the Craft) and China Mieville. That’s just off the top of my head. All of these writers can teach you something, and everyone will teach you something different. And they should all be in the library if you can’t find them on the shelves at your local bookshop.

    Good luck with your writing!

  6. Probably a sucky question to ask…But here goes. I got all your books in Mass Market Paperback – the little ones….I know your latest has been out for just a bit, but will you still publish a littleER version for the anal retentive like me who likes his books the same height?


  7. There’s no sucky questions!Sorry, there’s no plans to publish it on its own in that format – that one’s out of my control. Whatever you decide, thanks for buying the first two books!

  8. Hello Trent

    re: short story crafting tuition

    Just found Death Most Definite at our local library. Loving it! I live in a small regional area in Qld which has a school of 70 students and cows, sheep, kangaroos and not much else. I’m trying to become a writer – that is one that can submit my work without a red face and apologies. I am loving Death Most Definite because paranormal is my favourite read and I grew up, worked and played in Brisbane so it has a wonderful sense of place for me. It’s great to actually know all the places the characters are in – strange but nice to have all that paranormal weird stuff going in in a familiar environment. This doesn’t usually happen for me as I’ve never been to New York where most of this genre seems to live!

    I and my fellow emerging (as least we hope we will) writers are seeking master class level tuition for short stories. I read you have published over seventy short stories and won Aurealis Awards and teach creative writing. My question is, do you teach online? And are you interested in teaching about the short story craft? We are spread all over the place and away from major cities, so online is the only option. There seems to be options for face to face if you can travel to the cities but nothing much focussed specifically on Australian short stories online for regional people hours away from a major city. The Writers Centres seem to be focussed on entry general CWR I and II and then children’s writing and genre novel writing mainly.

    Hope you can help or point me in the right direction please?

    Many thanks.

    Susan K Sutherland

  9. Good lord, Susan, sorry this ended up in my junk file. I’ve taught short story writing, but right now I really don’t have the time. I tend to find that the Qld Writers Centre offers quite a range of courses, and they’re always on the look out for ideas. If you feel something’s lacking it’s always a good idea to let them know!I grew up in regional NSW so I know how you feel.My best advice is to read as much short fiction as you can (which shouldn’t be hard) find some other writers and start critiquing each others work. You’ll soon know who is a good fit for you as a critiquer. An excellent book to read is Ursula Le Guin’s Steering the Craft (a wonderful guide to writing in general), it’s also designed to be used as short course in writing – the exercises in the book are instructive, playful, and will teach you a lot!

    Hope that’s some use, Susan.


  10. As of this i made chapter 20 of The Business Of Death it is a wonderful book ; wife and i check the clearence of a big chain book store (hint barn hint nob..) clearence sections where i found the only one of it but now since that trustful day im am seeking the other 2 before it and im very happy Tim and Lissa will be in more to come thank you so much you have my support .
    Your reader in the states, John

  11. Thank you, John. And you don’t need to buy the other two if you have the Business of Death, all three are in there – unless there’s a weird single edition getting around.

  12. Hey mate it was great to catch up at liz’s 70th hope to see u soon as lee is planning to get us up It was great to also catch up with Allen who I taught with in wellingtonand Petra who I’ve known for sixty + years As usual heaps of food and great company and the balcony is still doing its job Great news about your new book and hope the editing is going well but lots of hard work luv YA mate, dad

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