I’ll be at the Brisbane Writers Festival on the weekend of the 5th and 6th of September. You can book here.



2 thoughts on “Appearances”

  1. Oh, I nearly fell down, if I had not been already horizontal to begin my nightly read. Death Most Definite had caught my eye at the Salvos book shelf. I began my journey through your pages and loved that my old stomping ground, Brisbane, was the setting, having been in the Wintergarden many times and of course the Paddo tavern. Then comes the brain maneuvering experience of swingy Christian name as the identity to what may well be something of a heroine, not Melissa, or Alissa or Lisa, but Lissa. I have stopped to write this and thank you, can’t wait to continue. Thank you thank you.. I have not seen my name in print before and is such an amazing enjoyment. Regards Lissa. Co.

  2. Hi Lissa,

    that is so cool! I hope you enjoy the book. And it’s great to hear from a real life Lissa!


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