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This is the Death Works page – obviously.

The Death Works Trilogy (as it now stands, though I am writing a fifth and sixth book, just slowly, slowly) can be found in this neat omnibus edition.

Within which you’ll find the novels Death Most Definite, Managing Death, and the Business of Death.

There is a choose your own adventure Street Read called Training Day where you can pretend you’re a Pomp on their first day. It’s available here, and sits in between the chronology of The Business of Death and The Memory of Death – so there are spoilers.DEATH

The cool thing is that you can actually download the map and walk around Brisbane (or play it at home, there’s music and everything!).

There is also a novella somewhat cheekily titled Death Works 4: The Memory of Death.

It looks like this:

image001-18You can buy this here.

They’re about Death, well, working for Death. Death is a business, and it can get pretty rough. It’s set in Brisbane, Australia. There are explosions, the Underworld, and a vast cosmic threat that is a little bit Lovecrafty. You’ll encounter Stirrers, and all sorts of sundry evil.

Someone once described the stories to me as the literary version of crack – I reckon that sums the books up nicely.

You can buy the omnibus at Avid Reader (the bookstore where I work).

Or Amazon (Online Bookselling Place)

Or Barnes & Noble

Or iBooks

Or wherever you would like (Pulp Fiction also comes to mind in the city of Brisbane).


39 thoughts on “Death Works”

  1. Hi Trent,

    Just read your first two novels thought they where great I loved that fact that it was a very original ideal. Very to read the conclusion of the series, I understand it is comming out in 2011 any idea on the month?

    Keep up the great work Ben.

  2. Was at the University of Washington bookstore a couple days ago and noticed Managing Death sitting on a pile so I went to the shelf and found Death Most Definite and couldn’t put it down.

    Going back for the second ASAP! I look forward to an adventure in your imagination again ^_^

  3. Trent, I’ve just finished Managing Death, after devouring Death Most Definite and cannot wait to get my hands on The Business Of Death. Bloody fantastic reads. I am in awe of your story telling.

  4. Thanks. What a great comment to read after getting back from work! Really pleased you enjoyed them.

  5. Hello Trent.
    Just read The Business of Death Trilogy.had read books one and two. but
    not book three.for some reason.was glad to pick the trail up again after so long.
    forgotton who much enjoyed reading your novels.cannot wait for book four.
    wonder how Lissa will get on.and do doubt will be a tale to tell of Steven..
    keep up the good work. only sorry live in bungay suffolk cannot see you at your talks and signings.

  6. Hello Michael,

    thank you. I’m still chipping away at the next book – but so, so slowly! – when it’s finished I’ll shout out very loudly, believe me! Who knows, I might get over to England some day.


  7. Congrats on the Death Works books. I am a huge bookworm when it comes to fantasy books. i must admit that up until now all of my books have been by female authors but after reading a blurp out of Death Most Definate I was hooked. I’ve read all three now and I am now waiting eagerly for the next one.
    Well done.Awesome books.

  8. I have just finished the Death Works Trilogy…….the only word I can use to describe it is superb !…..I haven’t read anything near as good as this since Stephen King’s The Stand. Your innate sense of humor shines through your written word. I am glad I got to read the entire saga at one time. Stay true to your vision, you have baited us with Lissa, Tim, Steve, and Mr D……I know there is more…bring it on or “Run”….

  9. I am absolutly with Karl on this. The ending of book 3 screams fo more and I am one of those guys who hates bad endings for protagonists. You can do all you want to them but if you kill of some important characters (and never the main one or only temporarily) you gotta replace them with great ones. Suppose you let the love interest be killed after 2+ books of character developement and dont replace him/her with someone as interesting as the dead one? I shudder…

    Please do not have another apocalypse coming. After something like this I personally like a filler book (They are not always bad) where the protagonist can muscle around being full of himself and beat up some mooks who dont have a chance but arent even aware of it. 😀

  10. Dave,

    I think you’ll like what’s coming. Which I’ll let everyone know about when it finds a home, or I decide to publish it here as an xmas present for my long suffering Death Works fans. Trust me, I have a new chunk of story already written, and some stuff that I think people are really going to enjoy.

  11. OMGosh!!! just finished all three book in the Death Works trilogy, and i’m really wanting the story to continue, and that Steve will not die and the character be over… I hope you publish book 4 sooooonnnnnn, pleassseeeeeee.


  12. Thanks, Helen.

    There is more story, trust me! I’ve written a novella that follows on from the books, and it will be part of a series. I’m just deciding what to do with it, my problem is that I work on so many things at once! I’m so glad you liked the first three!

  13. I just finished The Memory of Death…admittedly I smuggled my Kindle into work today and took a few “breaks” during the day. It was fantastic, I loved the bit switched up style this time around. My thoughts are 1. Thank you SO MUCH for giving us more Steven de Selby! and 2. When does #5 release as I’d like to secure the day off for devouring it. 😉

  14. Just finished Memory of Death, gotta say I’m pretty sad for Steven at this point 🙁 Seems like everything he left behind has changed for the worst. Can’t wait for the next book, hopefully things start looking up for him.

  15. Jake, I can promise you adventure, new worlds, and things maybe looking up! (or maybe not) Thank you for reading.

  16. Thanks, Jeremy! No plans at the moment – but that’s partly because I have been so slack (well, busy with books and the dayjob). I have another Death Works novella (quite a bit longer than the last) waiting for me to tidy up and send off, and then I intend spending a good bit of the next twelve months writing one very big and final (for these characters at least) Death Works story. Obviously there’s many slips betwixt the cup and the lip, but hopefully it’ll be done and dusted by next year. I love these characters, but I think I’ve poked and prodded and made their lives miserable enough (after the next stories, of course). If I can afford it (or if there’s enough interest) I’ll really try to get a paperback together of the novellas – and I’ll let everyone know!

  17. G’day Trent,
    Gotta say that I love your books. Very few Aussie authors take my fancy, but your books are superb. Keep up the good work, hope to see something new but in the same vein soon!

  18. Hi John, I do have a draft but it’s pretty rough at the moment. It’s just a matter of fitting time to finish it with work, hoping to see it all done by the end of the year, or early in the new one. It’ll be at least twice as long as the last one though, and then I plan to get the sixth and final one finished in the twelve months after. Sorry to be so slow on this!

  19. Hi Trent, The downside of being a speed reader is you are always waiting for the next novel – so I try really hard to wait and only read finished series. So when I saw the Death Works Trilogy, I thought great this will fill the spot while I wait for Jim Butcher to get off his ass and bring out the next Dresden File. When I completed the trilogy in one night without sleep, I’m sure I woke up the house with the Vader “Noooooo…”. I thought there’s no way Trent Jamieson can leave me like this, like a junkie needing a fix I crave more – more I say. A quick amazon search found me the follow on novella Memory of Death which gave me a quick hour and half fix and did away with my Vader “Noooooooo…”. Trent you have created something wonderful here and I love where the story is going…looking forward to the journey. Warm regards from South Africa — Aynon

  20. Thank you, Aynon.

    Please, please forgive my tardiness. And thank you for your wonderful message. We’ll get to the end of that story, I promise.

  21. Hey Trent just wanted to know if there was any news on when we might see the next death works book love the series great work

  22. I must admit, I’m yet to read the third novel, however, I have read the first two multiple times since winning an epic rock, paper, scissors battle with a friend to see who got to purchase the last copies at the closing down clearance of a local bookstore. Steven is a wonderful character and i’m very much looking forward to the day when I have the time to sit down and read through the entire trilogy (and then some). Thank you for this wonderful addition to my collection!

  23. Hi Trent

    Thank you for writing such a fantastic series. I sped through the three books, it was a wild and intense ride. I loved the concepts, the ideas you had, the way you built the world up. There were so many things to enjoy. I found that as much as Steven frustrated me throughout the journey, it really just added to him as a person. Your relationship with Steven as a reader seemed to be the same as those around him. You care for him, even though he frustrates you to no end.

    I found the ending of the third book leaving me wanting more, and to my shock I found there was a novella right after. I’d do anything to read it, but I’ll have to wait until it’s out in paper. (Can’t run Ebooks). I saw above that you’re planning to eventually release books 4-6 in paperback, do you know when that will roughly happen?

  24. Hi Trent, I’ve just finished reading The Death Works Trilogy.
    I found it hiding on a shelf in a tiny bookshop in Middle England. A little voice urged me to buy it and I’m so glad I did. It’s a brilliant idea, beautifully written. Looking forward to reading your other novels. Cheers mate, Dougie

  25. Hello, sorry about the late response. I had some serious problems with my webpage. I’m not sure if we’ll ever do a paperback release for the later books, but I will let you know – it’ll probably be something I have to do off my own bat (but I’m not one of those fancy wealthy authors, so we’ll see). I am so glad you enjoyed the books. Steven does have that quality, and it’s nice to know other people see it too!

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