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So, you’ve got a copy of my book, enjoyed it and now you’d love my signature in it (and who wouldn’t) just let me know and I’ll post you a bookplate.

Joe was confused, how was he going to eat his beans off of this plate?


You stick it in your book. There’s a long tradition of them don’t you know.

I’ve Death Works specific plates (see above) and am happy to draw you something too – see below. No, it won’t be THAT amazing, but I like drawing, and I like crafting things so you’ll be making me happy.

Just email me your postal address to teacupthrenody at hotmail dot com, and I’ll pop something in the post – maybe you’d like a signed drawing of Pieo*.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single pie in possession of a good filling…


*maybe not.


11 thoughts on “Book Plates & Signed Things”

  1. Thank you for writing the Business of Death series! I loved tromping through Brissie with Death. Just starting Roil now – don’t read this email – keep on writing!

  2. Thanks, Cheryl.

    I hope you enjoy Roil, it’s a darker book (though I think there’s a lot more light in the sequel).

  3. I have to give it to you, ROIL is an exceptional book, one that is both refreshing in it’s detail and heart-rending in it’s impending demise. You have created a rich and powerful cast of characters that I connected with and placed them on a collision course with madness and destruction, it was a truly enjoyable read. Waiting for Night’s Engines will be a test of will as I think of the chilling greeting of Theodore and his “gift” to the family he struggled to return to.

  4. Just finished reading the Death Works Trilogy,best book ever the ending was so sad I nearly cried,whenever I read another book now they seem boring compared to yours!!!

  5. Thanks Roni.

    Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond, I’ve been very sick with the flu! So glad you liked it.

  6. Hi
    I started reading Death Most Definite after a friend recommended it and wanted to say well done on a great book..I must admit I scoffed a little when my friend first recommended it, but found myself with a lazy Sunday so I laid back and started to read and was pleasantly surprised. Will most definitely be reading the rest of the trilogy and searching out more of your books..thanks again from a now avid fan xx

  7. Thanks Candice, I hope you enjoy the others. I’m just finishing up a draft of the next one, it’s such a fun series to write!

  8. That’s the important thing I found, I mean, I write but I don’t really let anyone read them….fear of rejection lol…but I really have fun writing them, sort of takes you to another world. I don’t know about you, but I can write for hours just caught up in the fantasy of it all. The sci-fi thing has never really been my scene, I have read a few though and you seem to have a bit of a different take on it, you have a knack of even making someone like me (a “non sci-fi” person) keen to keep reading..I am very impressed!!

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