Yes, this has been a long time coming, and it may be a while yet before it becomes a lived in page, with all the creaky lived in things, and a while yet before the new paint smell fades.

So who am I?

Well, there’s another blog, which I’ll still return to on occasion here. Feel free to trawl through it. It smells a little of old socks and spearmint, but it’s been around for a while. But this is the new, easier to find blog.

I’m a writer, and my first trilogy is coming out through Orbit books over the next twelve months and bit. It’s called the Death Works Trilogy, and it’s about how Death works (well, obviously), and the rise of one Steven de Selby in the ranks of Mortmax Industries. The first book is fast-paced, funny, and set in my hometown of Brisbane. There’s a nice blurb and a sort of official cover here, but I’m holding off putting that up until I get the actual cover, which should be fairly soon.

The first book Death Most Definite is due out in August and it has already been referred to in the Courier Mail as “Jim Butcher meets Holly Black: bleak funny and mysterious with a pulsing vein of tragic romance.”

Hey, that makes even me want to read it.

So, this is going to be my home.

I warn you now that I am a sporadic blogger. I blog in bursts, and then there are long, looong silences followed by about ten entries at once (you can see it on my old blog). I’m a bit manic in the blogging department, and sometimes I just need that quiet space in my skull to write, or think about writing. But I never let my blogs die.

As this is my new webpage I better mention where I’m at with THE BOOKS.

I new to this writing novels thing, well, not so much the writing, but the having them published. Feel free to come with me on a journey of discovery, you know the sort, where the hero (usually some sort of well meaning klutz) discovers their limitations and somehow manages to bumble along to the end, having all sorts of adventures, and maybe spending too long sitting out in the rain waiting for stuff to happen.

So where I’m at.

My first book Death Most Definite is due out in August. It has been written, re-written, structurally edited, copy-edited, and page-proofed, and while there’s probably something else that needs doing, we can say that it’s been put to bed. And I’m very happy with it.

Book Two Managing Death has been submitted, and read, and there’s a lot of work to be done on it, because I’m determined that it be a better book than the first one, and right now it isn’t. But I am something of  bullish rewriter, and, while I wait for comments back from Orbit, I’m already thinking about what needs to be done (though I promised my publisher I wouldn’t, I can’t help it, and we’re all about the honesty here, right). Expect it to be better than Book One, I’m sure you’ll let me know if it isn’t.

Book Three The Business of Death is a bunch of scribbled notes, a few scenes and a couple of chapters that I’ll probably be throwing out, but currently exist to give the book a bit of ballast. It better be much more than that come August (insert hollow laugh).

And that’s that.

At the moment. Despite all the hard work on Death Most Definite and Managing Death, it still all feels very abstract. And it probably will until the book is out. I’m excited, and I can’t wait/dread to discover what people will think of it, but that’s all very much in the future – there’s still time, say, for a comet to slam into the earth, or for some sort of book-eating plague to spread across the world, or even just a regular plague (ho hum).

But short of catastrophe these books will be out.

And you will all get a chance to read them (you know you wanna). Until then, it’s just me, and this blog, slouching towards Brisbane to be born and all that.

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hi Trent. Congratulations on the publishing of your latest book.
    Agent and Publisher’s “mantra”, “You have to be know to be published!”
    So how do you get known? Then, how do you get published?
    I’m a recreational writer with hundreds of short stories collated into books of similar genre, eg. work experiences, animals, travel, and miscellaneous short stories and poetry which don’t fit into any particular genre.
    I have 7 book of short stories ready to be reviewed for publication.
    I became very discouraged a while ago after submitting my work to agents and publishers, with the all-too-familiar response, NOT AT THIS TIME.
    Now I’m ready to ply the agents again, but I’m very tentative.
    I read your piece about short story collections in the Queensland Writer mag, and thought I’d seek your guidance, or at the very least, your encouragement.
    The writing part is easy. The publishing part is hard work.

  2. Hi Christine,

    The publishing part is hard work. But don’t be discouraged, keep submitting. Join a writer’s group, and get some feedback.

    And remember that “no” is a part of the whole process you get a lot of knockbacks before a yes.

    As to getting “known” that might help publication, but whatever you write has to stand up on it’s own. And, even then stories can be knocked back because the publisher has already published something similar.

    Be strong and patient. Be polite, and take opportunities when they arise: if they suit your temperament. Don’t tie yourself to something misery inducing. And don’t be frightened to fail, we all do – I know it’s easy to say that, but it’s true.

    And enjoy the writing itself.

    The act of creation is a wonderful thing. Publishing is business, writing is art and joy (with some slog involved too).

    Hope that’s useful. Check out the ROR blog too, it’s in my links, there’s plenty of advice there as well (I’m a part of ROR)

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