Death Works 5 – Carnival of Death is getting all Carnivally.

Hey, I know the last Death Works story came out in February, but I promise that the next will be finished soon. Might be a while until it’s out – and the lovely folk at Momentum might hate it – but I promise it will be worth the wait. I’ve finally found my rhythm with this story, and, yes, it will be longer. And, there will be a little intro story that goes with it – think the Thing meets It.

If you haven’t read the last Death Works story, there’s a link to the right where you can buy it in whatever format you wish – except the Trent reads it to you while you lie in bed format (That costs extra).

The new one has killer clowns, a vast cosmic circus, conspiracy theories, and a deeper exploration of the new arc, which this is kind of nudging into the middle of. I’ve written about 300,000 words all up of Steve and Lissa’s story, and I reckon I have around another 200,000 (ish) words to go. I love these guys and I want to tell their story until the bitter(sweet) end, and, as long as I don’t get hit by a truck, I reckon I will.

Also, if you’re interested in a taste I do have an author page on Facebook.

5 thoughts on “Death Works 5 – Carnival of Death is getting all Carnivally.”

  1. Sometimes I wish I didn’t binge read these amazing books, leaves me wanting much more. Semi-patiently waiting for number 5..keep up the great work.

  2. I’ve just reread books 1-4 and am desperate to know what happens next. Don’t suppose you could give us a clue on when we could expect book 5

  3. Hi Mike, sorry about the delay between books. There is definitely a book 5 – I do have a draft – just a few books and a couple of terribly big and terrible life things have gotten in the way. Hopefully it will see light of day in 2016.

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