In Which The Prodigal Something Returns

Just kicking through the dust here. And thinking about the furniture – which would be much more interesting if it was called funniture (though not as elegant).

There’s a new Death Works story coming out through Momentum books in February, it’s called The Memory of Death, and in many way it’s been a reflection of this last year. I’m also working on rewrites of a book I’ve sold and which should be out in 2015 called Day Boy (if you’d like to know who I’ve sold it to, well, the internets might help you, but I will announce it all official-like soon).

The Memory of Death is a sequel to The Business of Death, and the start of what should be a kind of Deathish story-cycle. For all those that threw the last book against the wall (in dismay) this is why that happened. For those who thought it was a good ending, I hope I can satisfy you with this new arc. And for those that are interested the Memory of Death occurs after both The Business of Death, and the Street Reads Choose Your Own adventure (which is, despite its format, definitely canon in my mind – how pompous does that sound?). I’m grateful beyond words that I’ve found publishers willing to take this story up – thanks to Joel and the team at Momentum. And thanks to my ever supportive, well above and beyond the call of duty, agent Sophie Hamley.

I hope those that liked the first three books will find a lot to enjoy in The Memory of Death – and yes, it’s a novella, but I’m enjoying writing them at this length – they’re compact, fast, and fun like a great white shark combined with one of those sideshow clown heads. There should be a sequel called the Carnival of Death in a few months time – which might just have those clown heads in it. If there isn’t, the fault rests solely with me.

Day Boy is a novel built on a short story published in Murky Depths what feels like a thousand, but was only five years. It’s built out of love and shadows, and may be the best thing I’ve ever written. It’s a single book, no series (though you never know with me, but this one feels like a singleton) with a publisher that I absolutely adore and am proud to an almost hubristic extent to be involved with.

Both these stories helped me get through what was a rather tough sort of year – which is what stories should do (in my mind, stories need be a slap in the face and/or a helping hand, these ones were of the helping hand variety).

So, that is that.

Hmm, I think it must be time for a Book Corner Christmas Special, we’ll see…


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  1. Thanks! I hope you enjoy the new arc! (And there’s a definite arc to this one Memory’s only the beginning).

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