Tar Baby over at Cosmos Magazine

Thanks to the wonderful fiction editor (and even more wonderful writer) Cat Sparks, and Gemma Black, I’ve a story reprint and interview up at Cosmos Magazine.

The story’s called Tar Baby, and it’s been a good decade since I last looked at it. It’s also a story that I wrote whilst obsessively listening to Moby’s “God Moving over the Face of the Waters”. Reading through it, I put the music on and it immediately took me back, which is one of the reasons I listen to music when I write, and why I have specific playlists for stories and novels. They become anchors of mood in my skull, beacons that can draw me back into the story no matter how many years have passed.

The Death Works books, The Nightbound Land duology all have specific playlists. If you follow me on Spotify you can check them out. I only need to listen to Okkervil River’s Black Sheep Boy album, or Stage Names to be thrown into Steven de Selby’s mindset, and Peter Gabriel’s My Body is a Cage became the touchstone for Night’s Engines. But I don’t know if I’ve ever had a story match up as well as Moby’s track did for Tar Baby.

The books that I’m currently working on have playlists too, particularly The House In Arbitrary. Been quiet here, but the books are coming along. There’s nothing nicer than saying that – misery is a stalling book.


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