You may have noticed.

You may have noticed that the webpage has undergone a bit of a change. That’s because I accidently deleted it without backing up. I’ve salvaged what I can – and I’ve a bit more to put back in the right place – but, it really was time to do a few new things here at Trentonomicon (see sometimes not backing up is a good thing – not very often though).

I’m working on new books too. One of which I’ll be reading from at the State Library Cafe, with a whole bunch of other fabulous writers, at the Whispers Salon on Saturday from 3pm. It’s a book about magicians and small country towns and grand Dooms. If you’re interested in hearing me read from it I’ll be there.

Talking of reading, I recently finished Grant Morrison’s Supergods. It’s a trippy and entertaining history of Superheroes, as well as a memoir of an extremely creative bloke. Definitely worth hunting down (or buying).

And have I mentioned how much I adored Kim Stanely Robinson’s 2312? Well, I did, and I think you would too.

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