Day Boy and the Courier Mail 2016 People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year Award

I’m terrible at self promotion. We’re supposed to be good at it, but I really suck. Still, I’m going to take a deep breath, and…

Day Boy is up for the Courier Mail 2016 People’s Choice Queensland Book of the Year Award.

The prize is $10,000 and it’s decided by vote (and you don’t even have to be a Queenslander to vote) so if you’d like to vote for the book please follow the link.

I’d really like you to.

Think of it as a Kickstarter where you don’t have to put any money in.

$10,000 buys a lot of fancy writing time. I work pretty much full time (in a job I must stress, that I love) so that money would open up a nice window of me typing away in the new year: a big fat, writerly window.

I’m working on a new book (maybe my best book, ever) called The Stone Road, but I’d also like to finally finish off that Death Works novel, you know, the one with the killer clowns, and the Death Dimensions and all the technicolour deathishness*.

I reckon that $10,000 would let me do that, maybe even finish a really cool book I have mostly done about magicians, Northern NSW,  unicorns, alternate dimensions, and the real reason that speed cameras were invented. Oh, and there’s a novella about a girl and giant, and another one about a female vampire in the Day Boy world, and, and, and…

I’m sure all the other wonderful authors (and they really are wonderful writers) on the list have projects they’d like to complete, too, so if you like one of them more, please vote for them

And if you do vote, and I do win, well, I reckon you’ll see at least one major Death Works project out me in the next year. Why, if I was to win I may even publish a nice chunk of it here (just as a taster: a killer clown, dimension destroying taster).

The link’s below.


*maybe you don’t.

(It’s called the Carnival of Death)

Phone calls, books recommended, and a cough


I’m working on a lot of things at the moment. Short stories – well, I never – novels, and more novels. Each has a very distinctive voice which makes switching between them not as hard as it could be, though as with everything some stories start to take precedence and there’s a couple that I’m finding myself slipping into with increasing ease – to the point where I actually feel like I am there with my characters when I am writing them. This is a good sign. I play with a lot of stories at once (when there are no pressing deadlines) and this has the effect of making me look prolific (and also very slow). It’s the way my mind works, and the way I like to work.

If all things work out (and I don’t get another half dozen colds!) I’ll be finished with five books by the middle of 2013 (hopefully one of these by the end of the year – though I’m not sure which, they’re fighting it out in my skull at the moment).

Of course, sometimes things don’t work out, and this has been a year of that, healthwise, and focuswise for me. But onwards and upwards and all that.

Dad called me the other day to let me know how much he enjoyed Night’s Engines, which pleased me very much. He said he’d enjoyed it more than anything I’d ever written, and he couldn’t wait to read what I wrote next. Dad’s always been proud of me, and this rather foolish writing lark, but, you don’t get many phone calls like that – well, I don’t. So, obviously, if you’ve been thinking about buying the book, you now have my Dad’s recommendation (totally unbiased, of course).

By the way, I don’t know if I’ve mentioned them here before – not likely, as it’s been a while – but if you’re after a great Horror collection, Felicity Dowker’s Bread and Circuses is very much worth a look – I loved it (wrote the introduction I did). Felicity is one of the many newish writers that you’re all going to see win lots of awards in the next few years.

And Luke Preston’s Dark City Blue is about as high octane a crime novel as you could get. It’s an e-book through Momentum and well worth a read – though it may blow up in your face. I don’t blurb a hell of a lot of books, but this one grabbed me, and didn’t let go. Luke’s a page-turner of the highest order (or the most violent).

Check them out. You won’t regret it, except the lack of sleep from staying up all night reading them.

Now back to my stories, and this bloody cough.